3 tips to keeping home clean in fall

With the end of Summer nearly here, we have a few things to look forward to: leaves changing color, our favorite hoodies and, of course, the many pumpkin flavored treats and drinks. The weather between summer and winter can be perfect some days. Other days, though, it can lead to a muddy, leaf-ridden mess that is inevitably tracked into the house. If you own a pet, especially, you understand this dilemma. By adjusting our cleaning habits as the seasons change, we can adjust for the new amount of dirt and debris that will be tracked into our homes.


Follow these easy Fall cleaning tips to tidy up your home!

1. 3 TIPS THIS FALLUse a welcome mat. While this is a no-brainer for many people, it sometimes goes unobserved. A welcome mat is a great way to get the initial dirt and mud of, eliminating a large portion of the problem before people enter your home.

2. Introduce a shoe rack (or at the very least, implement a system where people leave their shoes at the door). Now that you have a welcome mat, the amount of debris entering your home has been minimized. There will still be a good amount that goes unnoticed, though, so make sure those shoes stay by the door.

3. Keep track of the rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, and make sure to vacuum them often (daily, if needed). These high traffic areas will be the first to go when it’s time to replace your carpet. By vacuuming daily, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons, you can extend the life of your carpet significantly.


Bonus tip! Don’t forget to have your carpets professionally cleaned consistently!

We suggest having your carpet cleaned by a professional about every six months or so. Fall is the perfect time to get them cleaned, because most homes have the majority of their house parties in the summer.

By following these tips, your carpet will last much longer than expected. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your carpets deep cleaned, give us a call at (240) 404-0200 today!