how to clean couches

Fall is the perfect time of year for deep cleaning and freshening up your home—especially as months of more time spent indoors steadily approach. Couches and other upholstery are often packed with allergens and bacteria, which means that giving them some extra TLC this season can greatly benefit your family’s health.

Here are a few simple yet effective ways to keep your furniture clean from the pro’s at Chem-Dry in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Best Practices For Upholstery Cleaning

1 – Vacuum your furniture often.  

Quickly vacuum your furniture on a weekly basis, then take some time with a more thorough job for deep cleaning each month. Start by removing cushions to vacuum underneath them, then vacuum the cushions themselves. Special vacuum attachments can be used to reach crumbs, pet hair, dirt, and more that like to hide in tough to reach crevices. 

2 – Polish metal and wood furniture pieces. 

Clean any non-fabric areas on your furniture with a gentle cleaning solution or wood polish. 

3 – Treat your specific upholstery fabric in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. 

Check your upholstery for a tag that includes instructions for cleaning your type of soft fabric. Common labels typically include WS (safe to use mild detergent), S (dry cleaner detergent only), X (no water, vacuum only), W (safe to clean with water). 

4 – Treat any visible stains. 

Now that you know what type of cleaning solutions are safe for your upholstery fabric and which ones should be avoided, you’re ready to remove surface stains. Try a store bought cleaning or a homemade cleaner. Mix ¼ cup vinegar with ¾ cup water and a couple drops of dish soap. Spray or gently blot the stain, moving gradually outward in a circular motion to avoid leaving behind unwanted watermarks.

5 – Give your furniture time to dry. 

Be sure to soak up as much remaining moisture from your upholstery as possible, then let it dry in an area with good airflow. This may take some time, so be sure to keep an eye out for any mold or mildew growth. 

6 – Schedule professional upholstery cleaning. 

The methods above generally work well for routine maintenance and treating surface stains. However, be sure to keep up with professional upholstery cleaning each year to keep bacteria and allergens at bay and extend the life of your furniture. 

Upholstery Cleaning In Gaithersburg, Maryland 

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