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It’s been about a month since you closed out 2019 and rang in a fresh start for 2020. You likely spent some time reflecting and setting goals for improving your health, happiness, and quality of life this year. Now is the time to step back and think about the actions you’ve taken so far.


If a cleaner, healthier home is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, Chem-Dry can help you achieve this goal with our revolutionary area rug cleaning service. 


Area Rug Cleaning For A Better 2020 


Did you know that approximately 55 percent of New Year’s resolutions are related to health? The most common goals are things like exercising more, eating more nutritious meals, and getting out of debt. However, another staggering statistic is that, on average, only about 8 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually go on to reach their goals. 


Actually, people are much more likely to see real progress by making small changes in habits to improve their lifestyle and remaining consistent with those goals throughout their lives. So that’s where we come in! Chem-Dry can help when it comes to establishing a healthy routine in your Gaithersburg, Maryland home. 


Here’s something to think about: area rugs, although beautiful touches to the rooms in your home, quickly fill up with bacteria, allergens, and dirt that are hazardous for your health. When these contaminants are spread around your home and into the air you breathe, they can cause a variety of illnesses and respiratory issues. That’s why Chem-Dry has worked hard to create an innovative, industry-leading solution. 


Our area rug cleaning method does a superb job at restoring vibrancy and beauty to your area rugs—but we don’t stop there. As part of our area rug cleaning process, we remove 98% of allergens from area rugs and 89% of airborne bacteria. We’ll help improve the indoor air quality of your home, which is particularly impactful during cold months where more time is spent inside. And we’ll also help limit the spread of dangerous germs. 


Area Rug Cleaning In Gaithersburg, Maryland


When it comes to reaching the goals you’ve set for 2020, Chem-Dry area rug cleaning is a helpful win-win. Our purpose is to help you achieve a cleanther, healthier, happier home with our revolutionary services. 


When you choose Chem-Dry area rug cleaning, you’re taking a significant step toward a clean, beautiful home and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family’s health is being prioritized. 


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