carpet stains omega chem dryHave you ever had a stain on your carpet that you clean up, only to have it reappear a few days later? It just keeps coming back! But why does this happen? Today we’ll talk about how you and the carpet stain can go your separate ways and never, ever have to get back together.

I cleaned them, so why do they keep coming back?  

There are actually multiple reasons why a stain might reappear. Here we will talk about the 3 biggest reasons:

  1. As simple as it may sound, the stain may have just never been fully removed with all your scrubbing (despite looking like it was).
  2. Oftentimes when cleaning the carpet, soap that isn’t rinsed gets left behind. This sticky soap attracts more dirt and grime which cause the stain to reappear. This is common when carpets are steam-cleaned.
  3. Due to the inefficiency of the steam cleaner, sometimes the stain simply gets moved around or pushed deeper into the carpet rather than picked up. When the carpets dry, the stain comes right back to the top.

Get Rid of the Reappearing Stains!

Here at Omega Chem-Dry, we understand the pain that reappearing carpet stains can cause, which is why we have put so much time and effort into developing a better way to clean carpets. Our process uses the Power of Carbonation instead of tons of water and soap. Millions of small, carbonated bubbles work to bring the dirt and stains up to the surface of the carpet fibers, which allow the stains to be removed once and for all.

Maybe you remember your grandma’s old trick for getting stains out of a t-shirt by using club soda. The science behind that is the same as our carpet solution. The bubbles sink deep into the carpet, break up the stains, and then lifts them up to the top to be removed.

Thanks to the Power of Carbonation, we are able to do away with heavy machines and bottles of soapy mixtures. Our carpet solution is free of soap and detergent, and we use only ⅓ of the water that other cleaners use. This results in faster-drying carpets (preventing mold or mildew growth), stains that stay gone, and a healthier home!

Omega Chem-Dry Is The Answer

Nobody has made strides in the carpet cleaning industry like Omega Chem-Dry has. Our innovative carpet cleaning solution has proved to be the safest and most effective solution out there.

Enjoy beautiful carpets by scheduling an appointment online today!