The most wonderful time of the year is in full swing! With all the festivities to come and all the required preparations, you’ve likely been considering all that’s required around your home to get ready. 


Here’s how Chem-Dry can help you, your family, and loved ones more fully enjoy this special season with our furniture cleaning service in Ellicott City


Furniture Cleaning For The Holidays 


This is likely a time when even more guests than usual will spend time in your home. With the hustle and bustle of people coming in and out throughout the season, furniture cleaning is essential to making sure your home is a presentable, healthy, and safe place to gather. 


The colder weather naturally means you’ll be spending more time indoors this season. Whether you’re cozying up on the couch watching a movie together, enjoying your favorite holiday treats, or simply spending quality time catching up with those you love most. There’s no doubt cherished memories will be made in your home, so shouldn’t it be a place that’s safe for you and your family? 


Furniture cleaning not only makes your home look its best for guests, but protects them from potential hazards, too. Soft upholstery fibers quickly fill up with bacteria and allergens that can cause a variety of illnesses, respiratory issues, and more. The risks are especially high during winter months when you likely spend more time lounging on your furniture and breathing indoor air. 


While dirty upholstery can impose significant risks to you and your loved ones, there’s good news! Chem-Dry furniture cleaning not only helps make your home look its best, but also removes 98% of allergens from upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria


Furniture Cleaning In Ellicott City, Maryland 


Our goal at Omega Chem-Dry is to help make your home a cozy, beautiful, safe place to be with your loved ones this holiday season—and all year round. Enjoy the peace of mind Omega Chem-Dry can bring with furniture cleaning in your Ellicott City home


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Marvin and Alex were a great team. Professional and thorough. I hired Omega for a 3 room deep clean with additional area rug. I was so pleased with the job they did, I added an additional area rug and upholstery clean of my dining room chairs. Each item came out looking beautiful and like new! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


Carlos was amazing. Cleaned the carpet that I thought was not salvageable.