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Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the united States. In fact, according to FEMA—the Federal Emergency Management Agency—every region of the United States is at risk for winter flooding.

So what causes this spike in flood risks during colder months, and what precautions can be taken to prepare for a winter flooding situation?


The Main Causes Of Winter Flooding

Here are a few of the primary sources of winter flooding in homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and worldwide.


Frozen Pipes

The liquid inside pipes can cause them to burst when it freezes during colder months. Pipes typically freeze in crawl spaces and along exterior walls. Insulting or wrapping pipes in these areas can help decrease the likelihood of water damage.


Melted Snow

Rapid snow melts can cause a surge of runoff water that remains on top of frozen ground rather than absorbing. With no where else to go, the runoff water then makes its way to rivers, streams, and lakes—making water levels rise and spill over.

In the event of a massive snowmelt, not much can be done to stop it. However, what you can do is prepare your home and have the phone number for an on-call water damage restoration company on hand—like Omega Chem-Dry..


Ice Dams

When heat from your home rises to the attic and has nowhere to escape, it warms the snow and ice on your rooftop. This causes runoff moisture that makes its way to your rain gutters where it re-freezes, creating an ice dam. As the dam continues to grow and snowmelt gets backed up behind it, your roof, attic, and even interior walls can be flooded.

Electrical heat strips can be installed along the edge of your roof to melt these ice dams. Adding extra insulation to your attic and ensuring it has proper ventilation can help, too.


Ice Jams

In cold climates, the surfaces of rivers can freeze while the water underneath remains liquid. If the water level rises during a thaw, the surface ice can break into large pieces—creating obstructions that lead to severe flooding in nearby homes.

If an ice jam occurs in your area, contact Omega Chem-Dry as soon as possible to assist with any needed water damage restoration.


Coastal Flooding

Strong winds can cause coastlines to erode as well as tidal flooding. Storm surges can damage lake and oceanside communities during fall and winter months.


Prepare Your Home Or Business For Flooding

Follow the suggestions above, as well as these additional tips.

Become familiar with the flood insurance policy for your home or business, or purchase a policy if you don’t have one already. If a flood does happen, take photos of your possessions and any damage for insurance purposes.

Create an emergency action plan and put together an emergency kit as well as water and non-perishable for each person in your residence or building. Keep important documents in a water-proof place as well.


Water Damage Restoration In Gaithersburg, Maryland

Enduring a winter flood can be a traumatic experience—but you don’t have to handle it on your own. Omega Chem-Dry is ready to respond in your time of need.

Contact Omega Chem-Dry in case of a flooding emergency in the Gaithersburg area.