Whether you live with your spouse, roommates, a household of children and pets, or by yourself, it can be hard to keep your place clean.  In fact, it may seem like an impossible task with beds that need to be made, dishes that need to be done, and floors that need to be swept! So, if you do have the extra hands in your home, you should use them! You can teach your children to care for their personal belongings and living space. This is how to do it in a few quick and easy steps without a painful adjustment period.

Start Them Early!

The healthier your home is the happier you will be! So allow your toddlers to lend a helping hand! They usually have a lot of energy, that if channeled in the right direction, can save you time and effort. Give your toddlers small jobs that they can be responsible for such as making their bed or putting away the toys after play time. Even if it is just one chore, you will teach your children good habits and you will feel less overwhelmed.

Implement a Reward System

No matter what age you may be, everyone could use a reason to stay on track. Head to your local school supply store and buy some markers, stickers and a large sheet of cardboard or whiteboard. Make a list of the chores each week that you need done and assign each family member’s name to a few of those chores. Just make sure to keep the chores age appropriate. After all, you want each child to feel good about themselves, not frustrated because the task at hand is too difficult to complete.

family cleaning schedule

It doesn’t matter if your kids are young or old, everybody is motivated by some sort of reward. With the help of your local craft store, make a fun list of all the chores that need to be done, along with each child’s name to show who is responsible for which job. This chore chart will allow you and your family to track your progress and stay motivated. Each chore should be appropriate for the child’s age and abilities.

healthy home

As a family, choose a reward for finishing the week’s chores. It doesn’t have to be anything really big or expensive, but it should be something that the kids want and will work for. Maybe it’s a trip to their favorite restaurant or a round of miniature golf. Not only will this result in having a cleaner home, but it will allow you to make lasting, happy memories together as a family!


Turn it Over to the Professionals

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