Leather Furniture Cleaning

Omega Chem-Dry takes special care in cleaning your leather furniture

Leather Furniture Cleaning & Restoration

Omege Chem-Dry, the leading carpet and upholstery cleaner in the Columbia area, offers a premium leather furniture cleaning service. Did you know that body oils, perspiration and other contaminants find their way into your leather furniture over time? There are a only a select number of products on the market that will effectively clean your leather furniture without damaging the finish. However, Chem-Dry’s professional leather cleaning products are gentle, yet effective on your furniture. In fact, over 300 manufacturers and tanneries across the U.S. endorse these products. With your own regular cleaning and the help of Omega Chem-Dry’s Leather Cleaning Specialists, your leather furniture can look just as good as it did when you bought it!


Leather Furniture Cleaning

Chem-Dry’s Certified Leather Specialists

Leather furniture will last 4-5 times longer than man-made fibers and fabrics if properly maintained. That’s where the experts here at Omega Chem-Dry come in! Our leather restoration specialists are trained to know the best care for your specific type of leather. These include:

Aniline – This type of leather is often referred to as Unprotected, Pure, Naked or Natural.

Nubuck – Also referred to as Suede, Distressed, Chaps, or Bomber leather.

Protected – Commonly referred to as Painted, Everyday, Pigmented, or Semi-Aniline leather.

First, our Chem-Dry Leather Restoration Technicians will properly identify your type of leather. Next, they will carefully clean and repair your leather with the appropriate products. Plus, we’ll also protect your leather against future damage.


What Causes Dirty Leather?

leather furniture cleaning montgomery countyThere are 4 main factors that affect the cleanliness of your leather furniture:

  1. Common Soils/DirtThis includes dirt tracked inside from regular foot traffic and the fibers and dirt from household plants.
  2. Grease & Oils – Body oils from both humans and animals cling to leather furniture. These oils can be easily transferred from the hair and body to arm rests and head cushions, causing damage to your leather furniture’s protective finish.
  3. Ink and Dyes – Ink from books and newspapers transfer easily to leather. Dye from denim jeans and other clothing also deposit onto your furniture. Ink can also be transferred directly from a pen or marker. (A toddler would probably be your culprit here!)
  4. Atmospheric Oils – We’ve all seen how quickly dust builds up in our homes. Your leather furniture is no exception! Airborne cooking oils and pollution can also seep into your furniture.

Because these contaminants are commonly found in our homes, we recommend having your leather furniture professionally cleaned every 6 months to keep them at bay.


Can Scratches, Scuffs, Fading and Cuts Be Repaired?

Absolutely! Our technicians are trained to treat and repair these various types of damages to your leather furniture. Omega Chem-Dry has over 60 common stock pigment colors to repair scratches, scrapes, fading and other imperfections. Your leather furniture will be restored to look as good as new!


How Often Should I Clean My Leather Furniture? 

We recommend a professional cleaning for your leather furniture twice a year. Use Chem-Dry Soft Cleaner and Chem-Dry Protection Cream in between these cleanings to protect and maintain the leather as much as possible. Ask your local Omega Chem-Dry representative how you can purchase these products in the Chem-Dry Home Leather Care Kit.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment for your leather furniture cleaning, get in touch with us today!



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