new home cleaningBuying a new home is both exciting and exhausting. There is a lot of work that needs to be done – cleaning the home, painting, moving all your belongings, organizing, unpacking, etc.. It may seem like a very overwhelming time, but take advantage of this great time to deep clean your new (empty) home so that it is in prime condition. One cleaning chore that is a must-do before moving into a new home is professionally cleaning the carpets. This will help you get off to a clean, fresh start.

There are many reasons why cleaning your carpets is a good idea, especially before you’ve moved in your furniture and belongings. First, it is much easier to thoroughly clean the carpet when there are no obstacles in the way. You will also be able to get 100% of the carpet cleaned. You may move into a home that has clean-looking carpets, but you never know what those carpets have experienced in the past, especially if the previous owners were pet owners or smokers. Better to play it safe and have them deep-cleaned so you can rest-assured that they are free from odor, stains, and bacteria.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner may seem like too much of a hassle during this stressful time of your life, but it doesn’t need to be. When you choose Omega Chem-Dry, we take away the hassle in carpet cleaning. Our trained and experienced technicians will treat your home with care and respect. And most importantly, with Chem-Dry, you know you are getting the deepest and most effective carpet cleaning available. Start life in your new home right with fresh, clean, and healthy floors.

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