Chem-Dry Holiday

It’s a beautiful time of year! The holidays, despite the cold weather and shorter days, put people in a mood of happiness and giving. People think more about others during this time of year than, potentially, any other time of year! There are family parties and traditions, feasts, and so much more! While these events are perfect for forging new and lasting memories, they can also lead to some unplanned stress.

omega chem dry protectant

While you’re planning for your family this year, take a few seconds to think about your home (and carpet) as well! A healthy and clean home is vital to truly enjoying the holiday season. If your home was assigned as the designated spot for celebrations, you can expect a high amount of foot traffic. You’ll want to prepare with one of the best carpet cleaners in the industry! With nieces, nephews, and even pets of all ages and sizes running, crawling, jumping and sniffing around, you need to make sure it’s all happening on floor that’s free from harmful bacteria!

One less thing to worry about

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of planning that happens in December: gift-giving, meal preparations, and what to get that somewhat distant relative you don’t know very well just yet. Chem-Dry is here to cross one thing off your list for you: cleaning the house! Chem-Dry offers a wide selection of cleaning solutions. We are best known for our revolutionary carpet cleaning method, but also clean upholstery, area rugs, tile and grout, and even offer professional pet urine removal!

Pristine carpets at the perfect price

When you choose Omega Chem-Dry, you get a professional clean at a price you’ll leave! Because we live in the area, we want to provide you with both the highest quality and most affordable clean you can get! That’s why we offer exclusive deals like 3 areas of carpet cleaning for only $119.95! Click below to claim our other cleaning specials: